Year 6 Exam and Secondary School Success

We are delighted with the success of our current Year 6’s. They have made us and their families very proud. We hope you find this information helpful.

Cohort: 11 children (1 who joined at the start of Year 6)

11+ Local Grammar School Exams. 

8 children entered these exams, 6 children were offered places at grammar schools. A pass rate of 75%

3 to Woodford County High (however, 1 is taking the Bancroft’s Place)

1 to Ilford County High

1 to Westcliff High School for Boys and

1 to Queen Elizabeth Boys in Barnet.

Selective Independent Secondary Schools. 

Bancrofts:              5 children applied. 4 were offered places, including a scholarship offer.

Chigwell:               3 children applied. 3 were offered fee paying places.

Forest:                   3 children applied. 2 were offered places, including a scholarship offer.

Normanhurst:      1 child applied, and was offered a scholarship place

Park:                      1 child applied and was offered a fee paying place (no scholarship available)


State School Places.

5 children applied. All 5 were successful in getting their first choice.