Books, glorious Books

Yesterday we received 14 boxes of books from our new subscription to Redbridge Library Schools Service. It was like Christmas! Each class will have new fiction books as well as books to support different topics and interests. As a school we have subscribed to the service for 3 years so we are entitled to another 500 books. We are working hard to create space to house all the new books.

Parents please support your child’s reading by

  • listening to them every night
  • encourage older children to read for pleasure- support their choice of books/ reading material
  • read to your child (no matter the age)
  • create a family reading time
  • model reading to your child- why not read your own book at the same time?!?
  • sign your child’d reading diary
  • visit your local library
  • ask questions about what they have read… illicit their opinions about the characters, the plot
  • extend your child’s vocabulary by asking them to explain meanings or suggest alternative words
    listen to audio books
  • it’s good to read books in different language- Reading is Reading!
    Enjoy! IMG_0948

We will post pictures as they move from the boxes to the classroom!