WaterAid- our Charity of the Year

Dear Parents,

We hope you will have heard your child talking about WaterAid and you have all received a collecting box. To raise the children’s moral and social development we will be adopting a charity each academic year. In gratitude for our new toilet block we have chosen the international development charity- WaterAid http://www.wateraid.org.uk

We have signed up for their 2030 fundraising campaign- to raise £2,030 by July supporting the United Nations pledge that all communities will have access to clean water and safe sanitation by the year 2030. It is a shocking truth that this is not currently the case.                           WE NEED YOUR HELP!

£2030 is a lot of money for our small school- but we believe we can do it. Each class will be organising a whole school fun and fundraising event and 10% of all monies raised at school council events will be donated to WaterAid.

We are also asking families to:

  • Encourage children to put some of their pocket money in the collecting box
  • Have the collecting box on display at home for visitors to donate to or maybe your place of work/ business?
  • Look at the website and discuss the issues with each other as a family
  • Organise a family fundraising event or a work event… as a family could you hold a garage sale or a sponsored event?

Please help us spread the word to your communities about the issues and encourage your children by helping them fundraise. Let us all be part of a global movement that aims to ensure that all communities have clean water and safe sanitation- just like we have.

Thank you, the Staff and Pupils at Beehive Prep School