Disability Discovery by Senior Prep

‘Disability Discovery

This morning, three lovely visitors came from an organisation called One East. Two of the visitors were ‘Training Stars’, who were adults with learning disabilities. The purpose of their visit was to raise awareness about learning disabilities and help prevent discrimination against people because of this. The children from Years 5 and 6 listened to their personal experiences and we were able to ask questions about their stories. We were all really touched by what they had to say and were inspired to always support people with learning disabilities by treating them with respect and dignity.

Although people with learning disabilities often need some support, we came to understand that they can achieve anything that they desire.

We thoroughly enjoyed their visit, as the way that they explained about their lives was really interesting. Furthermore, they explained very clearly about the support that they need to lead full and happy lives.

The visit has made us realise the importance of being kind and respecting all people, no matter if they have learning disabilities or not.

We would love them to visit again!

 By Senior Prep’

Disability Awareness