Beehive Prep Celebrates Success …

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After our annual Speech night last night we had the opportunity to celebrate the successes of the past year at Beehive Prep School.  Most importantly we were there to celebrate our Children.  They are the reason that we do what we do and we simply couldn’t be prouder of them.   They are simply incredible!

Mrs Walker, our Director of Studies, pointed out during her speech that there simply wasn’t enough time to mention all of the school’s achievements – and so here                                                                 are a few highlights for you.

  • Bumblebees Pre School opened in September 2017.  This has grown in strength and numbers throughout the year and we now only have 2 available spaces for the next academic year!  We are taking bookings for April 2019 and September 2019! Incredible!
  • New classroom added – the senior Prep Log Cabin!
  • Brand New Toilet Block built!
  • ISI Compliance inspection!  An opportunity to have external people, employed by the Department of Education, examine, sometimes in minute detail, what we do on an everyday basis. When we were informed about the inspection the message from the directors was very clear…just do as we always do! So 3 inspectors over two days examined every area of school life at Beehive and in a time when standards are becoming ever more demanding and many schools (including some in the local area) have not met the stringent requirements, Beehive passed with flying colours. We were 100% compliant in every area. This was a great achievement for directors, staff and pupils and one of which we can all be truly proud.
  • ICT development – Investment was made in our tablets and children throughout the school have been learning to code or program different applications. In fact Mrs Abery – our head of Early Years, foundation teacher and Deptuy head pastoral, has been very proud of her children in Early Years who have all met or exceeded the standards for Technology at their age!  WOW!
  • 11+ Grammar and Selective School examinations!  Phenomenal results this year.  Places (with some scholarships) gained to “Woodford County High, Ilford County High, KEGS, Southend Grammar School, Westcliff Grammar Schools for Boys and Girls, Colchester, Chigwell, Bancrofts, Forest, City of London, Park School for Girls,  Ursuline and Normanhurst!  (At Chigwell 100% of children who sat the exam passed!!)  Incredible!!
  • External Progress made over the year – This was once again AMAZING!  In English 22% made Higher or Much higher than expected progress!  Thats almost a quarter of our pupils … in Maths – this was an INCREDIBLE 54% of pupils making Higher or Much Higher than expected progress!  This is simply and example of the hard work and dedication of the staff and pupils at the school!  WOW!
  • Beehive entered the National General Knowledge Competition and placed VERY well!  A first!

This is simply a flavour.  The life and community continues to flourish at Beehive – and we are very excited to be welcoming a multitude of new children and families for the New School Year!

A reminder that our September 2019 Foundation (Reception) application for places is now open.  This is starting to fill up already!  So if you are looking for a place for a sibling, or have a friend who wants to join our thriving community please do ask them to email or call 020 8550 3224 to request an application pack! (Remember the school office will be closed throughout the Summer)

For now – have a wonderful Summer Break and keep safe! download

With best wishes from the Directors, the Senior Leadership Team and all the staff at Beehive Prep School.