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Extra-Curricular Clubs

Current After School Clubs 2020-2021 include:

Computing Club, Sports Club, Drama, Music,Board Games,  Cricket, Multi-Activities, Homework, Breakfast  & Teatime Club.

Multi-Activities runs on Friday from 1pm-3pm. Various activity stations are set up for the children to rotate around. These include Colouring, Puzzles & Games, Construction, Playdoh, Reading and Arts & Crafts.

Breakfast Club (8am – 8.35am)  Your child is supervised whilst eating their breakfast which they bring into school with them.

Homework Club (3pm-4pm) & Tea-time club (4pm-6pm) run daily and offer your child the chance to complete their homework in a quiet environment. Your child may ask for help and we can check their completed work. It is not private tuition.

Clubs are invoiced termly.

We also offer LAMDA classes.  /docs/About_LAMDA.docx


Individual Piano Lessons | £9.50 for 15 mins,  £12.50 for 20 mins, £17.50 for 30 mins.