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School Hours

At Beehive we offer wrap around care from 8am until 6pm (Currently 5pm Autumn 2023)


Breakfast Club:  8am  (entry through the Front Door)

Main School Hours: Open - 8.30am (entry through the side gate)

                                      Finish - 3pm (collect at side gate)

After School Clubs including Homework: 3pm - 4pm (collect at side gate)

Tea-time Club: 4pm - 6pm  (Collect from Front Door) (Currently 5pm Autumn 2023, minimum numbers required)


Bumblebees Pre-School Nursery


Breakfast Club: Drop off at Honeycomb Hall IG2 6UT

Morning Session: 9.00 - 12.00pm (Drop off & collect at Honeycomb Hall IG2 6UT)

Afternoon Session: 12.30pm - 3.30pm (Drop off & collect at Main School side gate)

All Day:  Drop off at Honeycomb Hall IG2 6UT and Collect at Main School side gate

BBs tea-time Club: 3.30pm - 6pm (collect from the Front Door Main School) (Currently 5pm Autumn 2023, minimum numbers required)


Late entry and collections need to be made from the Front Door (Late collection fees apply)