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Welcome to Beehive, an independent ISA Prep School for children aged 2.5 to 11.

Beehive has been an independent school since 1926 and offers a first rate Prep School experience for all students.

Since its opening, Beehive has long had a tradition of offering excellent pastoral care whilst ensuring that academic standards are kept high. Its small family size means that every child has a voice and as such is given the opportunity to flourish in the school environment. Why not contact us and come and see for yourself.

Mission Statement.

Beehive Prep School exists to prepare children for success in learning, work and life.

Beehive Prep School Aims to:

  • Create a learning environment and provide the tools for children to become independent thinkers and learners
  • Ignite a passion for life learning
  • Provide a secure foundation for future academic learning: acquiring knowledge and being able to apply it
  • Provide the support to ensure that every child reaches their potential
  • Make links with families, the local community, national initiatives and the wider world to enrich the children’s education.

Beehive Prep School Values:

  • the individuality of each child
  • the holistic child: their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development
  • a ‘can-do’ attitude, solution focused and positive approaches to difficulties
  • a community where all individuals are valued and respected regardless of their gender, race, cultural heritage or disability
  • a happy learning environment where all members feel safe and encouraged to flourish
  • the on-going pursuit of excellence: in pupils, staff and the whole community