Meet the Teacher Meetings

These have been arranged for the next two weeks. Class teachers have sent messages home. To confirm:

Tuesday 13th September: Prep Class         8pm with Mrs Bluck and Mrs Elman

Wednesday 14th September: Pre-Prep Class: 8.15am with Mrs Watkins and Miss Teaca

Thursday 15th September: Junior Prep Class: 8.15am with Mrs Barr and Mr White

Friday 16th September: Foundation Class: 8.15am with Mrs Abery and Miss Bora

Monday 19th September: Senior Prep Class: 8.15am with Mrs Wright


Children will be looked after in Breakfast Club for those families who need to arrive with the children.


Term has started…

Term has started with a blast! We were greeted with our newly painted building. No one will miss us now! Our new children and families have settled in wonderfully. Foundation Class have been amazing! Mr White, Miss Teaca and Mrs Elman have settled in well. It feels like they’ve all been with us for ever!

Senior Prep class are working so hard for their 11+ exams on Saturday and the Consortium the following week. We know it is an important time and we wish you all well. It has also been so lovely seeing last years Senior Prep visiting us in their new Secondary School uniforms.

Letters have been going out thick and fast. Please do sign up for the Extra Curricular Clubs you are interested in. Tea time club is now up and running- meaning we now offer wrap around child care from 8am to 5pm daily.

We have lots to look forward to this year and we look forward to all working together for the benefit of the children.


Summer Term 2016

It is quite hard to comprehend that we are in the second week of the last term of this academic year! It is a busy term for everyone- academically, socially, creatively and pastorally! Some highlights to help signpost us!

  • Maths and English Assessments
  • Science and Humanities exams for Prep Department
  • Sports Day
  • Summer Fayre
  • Speech Evening
  • Enterprise Projects
  • Whole School Tapestry Day
  • Summer Outing
  • Year 6 Residential Trip to Mersea Island
  • Year 6 visits to Secondary schools
  • Annual Reports

As soon as venues are confirmed we will send out all the information everyone needs! We look forward to seeing everyone there.



Term has started!

Term has started with a bang! The Reading Challenge has grabbed the children’s imagination (or is it the team points available?). We can see that parents have been downloading the Recommended Reading Lists from the website- thank you. The purpose is to get children reading and to get children enjoying reading. Wonderful.

We also introduced the children to the new Beehive Art Gallery. We know that many of our children are very artistic and spend time outside of school creating Art.

Two entries were submitted this morning, we look forward to many more. Staff will make sure the children’s work is displayed beautifully and we will invite parents to come and visit!

This term will also see the introduction of our first poetry recital- more details will follow. So lots is happening. We are excited for a busy, productive and successful Spring Term at Beehive.



Calling all Cricketers!

In conjunction with Cavaliers Cricket Academy, we have the opportunity for our cricketers to spend Saturday being part of the Essex selection process for Coaches.

They need players for the prospective coaches to coach- and hopefully we can provide them!

All details went out in a letter yesterday. Please let Mr JD or the office know if you are interested in joining in. A whole Saturday playing cricket- sounds wonderful!