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The choice of school for your children is an important decision. We all want the best for our children, not only academically but also ensuring happiness, safety comfort and care for the individual. Whilst one school is right for one child another may be better suited to the next, for a number of reasons. This information is designed to help you decide if the Beehive is the right school for your child.


The School aims to provide a quality education for boys and girls of between 4 and 11 years of age through a traditional curriculum and experienced, dedicated staff. The School puts great emphasis on the basic skills of Maths and English and seeks to achieve high academic standards whilst developing individual personalities and strengths. We place high emphasis on nurturing qualities such as pride, respect and a sense of responsibility.

The School Day.

The school runs Monday to Friday.

School starts: 8.45 am               School ends:         3pm (Mon- Thurs)

1pm (Friday)

Optional school available until 3pm


Children bring in packed lunches in accordance with our healthy eating policy.

Optional Extended Hours Provision runs from 8am- 5 pm Monday to Friday

 The Curriculum.

Maths and English skills are at the heart of the curriculum at Beehive for all age groups. Every morning, children are taught formal academic lessons by their class teacher. The afternoons are shorter in time and children are taught by other teachers our creative curriculum. This includes sport, PE, music and the arts.

Extra-Curricular Clubs.

We have an extremely popular cricket club based at Ilford Cricket Nets. Our Choir meets after school.Individual Piano Lessons and LAMDA instruction are offered to all children. Other clubs are offered throughout the year.

The School Structure.

Beehive School has approximately 80 children divided into 6 classes. Class numbers are small to allow for a more individualised learning programme. All children will spend 2 years in the same class twice during their school life. This process is discussed with the class teacher and Head Teacher and will depend on the needs of your child.

All class teachers at Beehive are highly qualified and experienced practitioners.


Beehive is proud of being a Preparatory School. Preparing children for secondary school, further education and for a working adult career. Children leave Beehive to attend the two local Grammar schools and the other Selective Independent Secondary Schools in the area. Wherever you decide to send your child after Beehive, we are confident that they will be well prepared for both the academic and personal challenges before them.


Please contact our Admissions teamon 020 8 550 3224 for registration forms and to arrange a visit.


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