Extended Hours Provision


In addition to the current school day,  we offer optional extended hours as outlined below. Places can be booked via the school office.

BREAKFAST CLUB.   8am-8.35 am

This runs from 8am to 8.35 and is supervised by a member of staff. We are not able to provide food currently.

FEES: £15 per week or £6 a drop-in.

PREP CLUB. 3pm-4pm.

The club will be an opportunity for children to complete homework and then be supervised in a safe setting. It is run by a member of school staff.




Monday to Thursday: £85 per half term or £7.50 per drop in.

Monday to Friday: (for those attending Friday club or 11+ group) £102 per half term.

TEA TIME CLUB: 3pm-5pm. 

Children can either attend an after school club or homework club from 3-4pm and then they can be supervised for a further hour until 5pm

FEES: £10 per day.


This is run by school staff and is catered to the needs to the children and their interests.

FEES: £100 per term.

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