Extra-Curricular Clubs

Current After School Clubs 2018- 2019 include:

Art Club, Sports Club, Choir,  Cricket, Multi-Activities, Homework, Breakfast  & Teatime Club.

Multi-Activities runs on Friday from 1pm-3pm. Various activity stations are set up for the children to rotate around. These include Colouring, Puzzles & Games, Construction, Playdoh, Reading and Arts & Crafts.

Breakfast Club (8am – 8.35am)  Your child is supervised whilst eating their breakfast which they bring into school with them.

Homework Club (3pm-4pm) & Tea-time club (4pm-5pm) run daily and offer your child the chance to complete their homework in a quiet environment. Your child may ask for help and we can check their completed work. It is not private tuition.

Clubs are invoiced termly.

We also offer LAMDA classes.


Individual Piano Lessons:                         £8 for 15 mins,  £11 for 20 mins, £16 for 30 mins.Yr 4 girl piano back

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